Redemption Cemetery - Curse of the Raven Collector's Edition

Redemption Cemetery - Curse of the Raven Collector's Edition 1.0

Game that combines hidden-object scenes and puzzles with a suspense story

Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven is a puzzle adventure game from ERS Game Studios that combines hidden-object scenes and puzzles with a suspense story. After a car accident that is somehow provoked by a raven, you end up right in front of a graveyard. You get in and the gates close behind you, leaving you trapped in the cemetery in the middle of the night. You start looking for a way out, but soon discover that you are there for a reason: The cemetery is cursed, and ghosts show up to tell you their tragic stories. It's either people who died tragically or in strange circumstances, and need your help to let their souls rest in peace. In return, they promise to help you get out of the cemetery.

The game presents three stories or 'Novellas' that share the same game mechanism. In all of them you travel back in time to these people's past to try to prevent their death or to put an end to what is tormenting their souls. Puzzles take place at houses and mansions with numerous rooms to explore, where you will look for clues and objects that can help you during your adventure. You will need to find keys and codes to open locked doors and perform the most weird and complicated tasks to finally get a useful tool. Some objects can be picked up from any area around the game and others are granted after solving hidden-object scenes. Hints can be used in hidden-object scenes to spot objects right away, but also in any are of the game, to know whether a place needs further investigation.

Eventually, what starts as a promising horror, spine-chilling story, soon turns into an investigation-themed game with a predictable and overelaborate plot. On the bright side, as it is usual from ERS Game Studios, graphics are very polished, featuring some realistic locations to explore.

Mariel Rearte
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Review summary


  • Great graphics
  • Three stories into one game
  • Numerous locations to explore


  • Overelaborate stories
  • Predictable
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